Causal Diagrams: A Primer - Webinar

Causal diagrams allow visualization of different variables within a system and how they are interrelated. Join Dr. Salah Mahmud as he discusses the use of causal diagrams as a procedure to test for confounding and how they can function as an aid to help make rational decisions about study design, data analysis, and interpretation. Sponsored by the ACP.

Stata attrition diagram generator

We created the Stata attrition command as published in the Stata Journal. A user can directly create an attrition diagram, as well as maintaining an inclusion variable, using this command. The diagram and inclusion variable are kept up-to-date, if included in the source code, without manual commands.

Enter net install st0527 on the Stata command line to install this package and help attrition once installed for instructions on use.

Documentation parsing in SAS

Code Diary is an automatic documentation parser for SAS. It allows users to easily write, maintain, collate and share source code documentation. The Code Diary syntax consists of comments, which add a “*” to the standard SAS comment syntax as well as section flags that identify in which output section a specific comment should be placed. The tool generates two output documents. One output document includes the location of comments (source file and line number) to aid programmers. The other document, which excludes these technical details, is meant for sharing with the rest of the research team. The SAS macro is available on our GitHub page along with several examples and is published in SoftwareX.

SAS syntax support in Virtual Studio Code

Virtual Studio Code is a text editor for use with source code. We created an extension to support syntax highlighting for SAS code. The extension can be directly installed from within Virtual Studio code, or downloaded from the Marketplace.

Epidata Analysis

Dr. Salah Mahmud created an Epidata Analysis MS Windows package for epidemiological data entry and statistical analysis that is freely downloable from