Our services span the range of research studies required to bring a vaccine or pharmaceutical product into routine use from understanding disease epidemiology and human and economic burden to ensuring that the product is safe, effective and producing the anticipated economic benefits.

Why do research in Manitoba?

  • Accessible world-class healthcare services including state-of-the-art diagnostic platforms and highly qualified clinicians

  • Diversified population with large number of First Nations, Inuit & Metis residents.

  • Comprehensive population-based collection of over 50 administrative, clinical, registry, survey,¬†and other data housed at the University of Manitoba. Some commonly used databases include:

    • Immunization registry
    • Prescription drugs database
    • Cancer registry
    • Critical care medicine database
    • Hospital discharge summaries
    • Provincial laboratory data
  • A unique personal number permits data linkage longitudinally and across databases.

  • Provincial financial support for small and medium sized businesses in product development, commercialization and market development